14 Ways to Fall in Love with Red

Get 'red-y' to rock this power colour at home!

by Jennifer Gibeau,

Red sconces holding blue ginger jars

Put it on display

Are you a collector of art glass, Staffordshire figurines, Navajo pottery, or any other coveted objects of beauty? If the answer is a resounding yes, then this wall treatment is for you! Shapely and oh-so-beautiful ginger jars are artfully perched on wooden sconces that have been spray-painted red. The poppy hue paired with blue and white creates a classic look worthy of your attention (and perhaps one more piece added to your collection)!

Image source: ILevel

Nick Olsen Red Nook

Go Custom

If you frequently find yourself saying things like "I want it the way I want it", then a custom design is your best bet. The gorgeous tufted daybed cushions in this playful children's nook boast a saturated shade of red that mirrors the sprinkle-patterned wallpaper on the ceiling. Red accent pillows and a rug amp up the intensity, while subtle details like the red picture frame and decorative trim on the roman blind complete the look for a charming display of this spirited colour.

Designed by Nick Olsen | Image source: Architectural Digest

Sitting Area with Red Chairs and Red Table

Set the White Balance

So you’ve decided red is definitely your colour and that little alcove seems like the perfect opportunity to set up a sitting area with ravishing red elements. But how far do you take the red? Take a cue from this space and keep your red furnishings to a maximum of three. In this example, two red chairs and a side table create a unified look with a punch. When tempered by a creamy white backdrop with traditional lines, the red veers on the side of sophistication where it might have otherwise walked the line.  

Designed by Roger Thomas | Image Source: Architectural Digest

Stove with Red Knobs

Turn up the heat

It’s often said that a little goes a long way – and in this case - it’s totally true! The classic range has perky red knobs that turn up the heat on this bright country kitchen. Next time you’re in the market for appliances, pay closer attention to the small details; they can make a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Side note: can we talk about that custom scalloped marble backsplash? Hello gorgeous! 

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Elizabeth Taylor Pop Art in Child's Room

Make it Pop

When it works, it works. No explanation needed! Get a load of this piece of pop culture hanging front and center in a baby girl’s room. One part dashing and two parts daring, a printed canvas like this one by Russell Young featuring legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor is sure to score you some serious accolades and a couple high-fives from houseguests when you take them on a grand tour of your stylish home.

Styled by Chiara de Rege | Image source: Lonny

Red Stair Railings

Step to It

The staircase is an often-overlooked area of the home that could stand for a little sprucing up. All it takes is a quick and dirty paint job to take your stairs from drab to fab! Go all the way and paint the staircase in its entirety or limit your brush strokes to just the steps, spindles or railings for a unique look that easily detracts from the wear and tear that naturally occurs in high traffic areas.

Image source: Apartment Therapy

Farmhouse Bathroom with Red Pendant Lights

Add the Wow

The impact of red is all the same, no matter how little or how much it appears in a space, so long as it’s thoughtfully implemented. The use of this bold hue should always serve the purpose of exciting the eye, and never hastily used. In this elegantly neutral farmhouse bathroom, the curvaceous mirror, shiplap wainscoting, and basket-weave tile pattern add warmth and texture and is supported by a fresh white palette. The discreetly hung red pendant lights add the wow factor by allowing a temporary break from an overall calming palette.

Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

Bathroom with Red Wainscotting

Install Wainscoting

Wainscot paneling not only adds a layer of durability to your bathroom walls, but it's also highly decorative and big on character. By painting the paneling a deep red, you create a striking contrast between the top and bottom halves of your walls. A good rule of thumb is to paint the top half of your wall white to absorb natural light, and the bottom half a saturated hue to breed an air of sophistication and stately style.

Image source: House & Home

Red Headboard

Beautify your Headboard

Any old bed, whether salvaged or antique, can look better than new with a couple coats of red paint. Painting your headboard, footboard and frame in a power colour like red will bring instant flare to your bedroom, and it’ll also guide you in the decision making process when it comes time to choosing coordinating linens and accessories. Your bed is the focal element in your bedroom and this paint job will ensure it gets all the attention it deserves.

Image source: Inspirations Deco Blog

Red Clawfoot Tub

Colour your Clawfoot

Turn your bathroom into a wild escape by painting your clawfoot a punchy red! Next, go to the extreme by papering the top half of your wall a graphic floral pattern to match. This colour treatment is anything but boring, so if you consider yourself to be a fearless decorator then I dare say you’ve just found yourself a new project!

Image source: Apartment Therapy

Red Hallway

Emphasize your Hallway

We tend to treat hallways as lead ups to ‘the big reveal’, so we decorate them using pale colours and quiet patterns to avoid distracting the eye from the gorgeously decorated room that follows. Try escaping this mentality and make your hallway just as special as the room it leads to. Red walls, a narrow bench, three stacked prints, a lamp and a rug make this hallway more inviting and only increases our desire to scope out the next room.

Designed by Alessandra Branca | Image Source: Lonny

Red Tiled Shower

Accent Your Shower

When selecting tiles for your shower install, classic whites, soothing jades and watery blues are always winning choices. But for those of us who prefer a more streamlined industrial look, this combo of slate grey stone and red mosaic tiles meets the criteria for a minimal and modern spa-like retreat that you might find in a loft. No matter what style of shower installation you choose, I think we can all agree – this red mosaic accent wall is worth repeating.

Image Source: Casa Claudia

Red Coordianted Art Work

Coordinate Your Artwork

On a budget? Framed prints are a great way to experiment with colour on the cheap. Select frames in matching styles and fill them with prints that share the same predominant colour for a foolproof way to dress up your walls.    

Designed by Jennifer Dyer | Image Source: Lonny

Red Toile Drapes

Turn to Tradition

When in doubt, infuse colour into your décor with classic patterns that have stood the test of time. These drapes feature a traditional red toile pattern that continues to enjoy popularity today since it’s origination in France in the late 18th century. Opting for a traditional application of this power colour will ensure you won't tire of it too soon!

Designed by Jen Albano | Image Source: Lonny