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Each project is individually staffed with an appropriate team including a senior designer, a project manager and any necessary junior support.  We are proud to share our trade discounts with our clients. At anywhere from 10 to 30 percent, this is a savings that adds up; in fact, we have found that with a  decisive client and efficient approvals, the discount structure can significantly offset fees. Fees are subject to change but are outlined at the outset of each project and clients will be notified in advance of any changes.  Download our rate card »


Sarah Richardson Design also offers a two hour one-time, in home consultation.  This service is intended to provide the ‘hands-on’ homeowner with all the information and ideas necessary to execute their own project without the additional fees associated with full private client services and project management.  It’s a great way to extract all the tips and tricks the SRD team has accumulated over the years and get inspired to be your own decorator.  Think of this as a two hour crash course in décor delivered one on one in your own home by your favorite design firm!

Helpful Hints

Start Early!

We believe that the best results come from a blank canvas and that it’s never too soon to begin.  Having your interior design team at the table with your architect and contractor from the very beginning is the surest and safest route to building the best result and we can help there too.  Sarah has partnered with a slew of talented and dedicated architects and builders over the years and has gathered years of experience in assisting clients in the selection of the perfect team.

Understand it will be a Fluid Process

Designing for real families and individuals is a very different process than the one employed on television where timelines and budgets are less fluid and the agenda involves learning lessons and illustrating points.  Every project, family, timeline and budget is completely different and the custom Sarah Richardson Design structure has been fine tuned to cater to every need.

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Sarah Richardson Design brings 20 years of experience to the table – we have tackled every scale and budget and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience without ever losing sight of the passion and enthusiasm necessary to see it through to the Sarah Richardson signature ‘flowers-in-the-vase, candles lit’ level of completion.

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Casting Call info

If you’re wondering whether your home or individual space might make a good TV show, you’re on the wrong page!  Casting calls for Sarah’s shows are posted on the home page on this site as well as at HGTV.com and primevista.com – don’t worry – if we need TV rooms, you’ll hear about it!  

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